Our Recent Work

The Midnight Beasts: Channel 4 Television

Rigger.co.uk Ltd recently planned, designed and installed a multiple manual and automated counterweight-assisted rig for “The Midnight Beasts” live promo. The never been done before concept for E4 was a completely live performance simulcast across Channel 4, E4 and on YouTube. The rig involved multiple big fast moving elements that flew in and out above the band and dancers during their performance. Despite not knowing the actual weights of any of the elements prior to rigging, we required only a single day’s rehearsal. Rigger.co.uk ensured the performance was second perfect and without incident despite the complexity of rigging and fast, multiple moving elements. Furthermore we are proud to say we completed the works ahead of schedule and on-budget. Take a look at the finished promo below:

Mercedes Viral Video

Following from a project last year where Rigger.co.uk rigged a successful Mercedes viral video shoot at a disused warehouse in East London, we were asked to rig the next viral shoot, inside the UK’s only full-scale wind tunnel.

The rig had to endure winds of 80mph and a biting chill factor. Time was of the essence as the shoot had to be rigged and completed ( and de-rigged )in one day. The potential for injury or damage in such wind tunnels is huge and therefore our health and safety credentials came to the fore. Despite the tight timescale and the exacting safety standards, the job was completed on time and on budget.

You can see the finished result below.

“Dick and Dom’s Hoopla”: CBeebies

Rigger.co.uk Ltd recently rented equipment for a new Cbeebies series recording in Devon. Despite the original truss specification requiring black truss and changing (to silver) only a few days prior to rigging, the month long hire of 125 metres of truss, sixteen ways of lift, custom base-plates and twenty-six specials for moving lights was supplied from existing stock. Due to the lightweight construction of our modern truss system, the entire rig was delivered in a single 7.5 ton truck. Not only was this efficient means of delivery better for client, who saved on transport costs, but it was better for the environment too.

The Dragons Are In: BBC "Dragons' Den"

As part of the BBC’s migration from London to Salford, Rigger.co.uk Ltd assisted with the relocation of the “Dragons’ Den” set to MediaCityUK in Salford Quay. Rigger.co.uk Ltd has bases in both London and Manchester which facilitated the move with zero fuss. Due to the change of studios (but not the set) Rigger.co.uk Ltd generated comprehensive drawings of the set and all elements within the studio in CAD (working from designers hand-drawn plans). These technical drawings were completed free of charge as part of the comprehensive service we offer.

UKTV Production Company

Rigger.co.uk recently completed a large-scale rigging stunt in Los Angeles, for a UK-based TV production company. The brief was to produce an elegant and concealed rigging solution for an upcoming show. The highly unconventional rig demanded a covert approach as the concept involved illusion. The rig utilised four ways of Fisher winches running on Navigator and a custom designed truss structure. The effect was successfully planned, installed, delivered on time and on budget and according to the clients precise specifications.

Saturday Kitchen - BBC Television

Rigger.co.uk recently relocated the BBC’s “Saturday Kitchen” to its new home in an 1850’s chapel just off Clapham High Street. The historic venue required close consultation with the building owner and lighting designer to ensure that calculated loads and custom fabricated brackets would not impose excessive loads to the building. Rigger.co.uk Ltd used a chemical fixing method suitable for the 160-year-old chapel walls resulting in a fast rig time with minimum impact to the fabric of the biolding. To ensure the integrity of our fixings we pull tested a fixing 100% overload prior to work commencing.

We installed a scaffold tube grid to five mother-trusses to ensure this new studio space can be utterly versatile, new fixtures may be added anywhere onto the rig, accommodating the changing demands of the production. The project has been a great success offering a full saturation rig with exceptional value for money. Happy with our service to date, the building owners have contracted Rigger.co.uk Ltd to de-rig the long standing installation from their old studio in Kennington and install a new bespoke system to the second studio on the premises in Clapham. Although plans have been completed for phase two, they will only commence once the client is ready and third-party contractors have finished all other building work. This has been made possible by Rigger.co.uk Ltd’s flexible and sympathetic approach to our clients’ demands.

BBC Children in Need: BBC Television

Rigger.co.uk Ltd has been the sole rigging supplier to the BBC’s main Children in Need show at BBC Television centre for the last two years, following on from this success Rigger.co.uk Ltd was the sole rigging supplier to another of the BBC’s flagship shows, BBC Sports Personality of the Year was broadcast live from MediaCityUK – requiring a high level of rigging expertise and attention to detail the show was a success with all rigging delivered on time despite the complexity and time scales involved.

Famous and Fearless: Channel 4 Television

Channel 4's Famous and Fearless logoFor a show like “Famous and Fearless”, death defying stunts are part of the brief to keep Channel 4‘s audiences on the edge of their seats. Rigger.co.uk ensured however that no celebrities were harmed during the making of the show. The show was broadcast live from Liverpool Echo Arena where the studio audience meant that the highest levels of safety had to be met. Find out more about our company‘s commitment to health and safety.

“101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow”: Endemol

Gladiators groupWe often have to come up with several different rigging solutions, but “101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow” was a new record for us. We provided rigging expertise and solutions to the show that saw contestants catapulted, dropped, hurled and sent flying on BBC One‘s Saturday night entertainment show.

After an extremely successful pilot shot on location near Cambridge, Endemol contracted Rigger.co.uk Ltd further to consult in Buenos Aires on the series. After a plot of land large enough was found, a colossal outdoor set was built based around a never been done before counterweight assisted moving studio, to save time repositioning cameras from one level of the giant towers to another (for different games to be played within each episode). The entire studio could be raised and lowered to different heights on the tower. An awesome project to be involved in of which we are very proud, in the interest of providing value for money Nipper completed the consultation via commuting a few days at a time to Buenos Aires, this was deemed more cost effective than having him on location for many consecutive weeks, and made him able to simultaneously service our domestic clients fully.

Search for a Superstar": ITV Studios

First choice for ITV’s new flagship show for this July, Rigger.co.uk Ltd have recently had the satisfaction of installing an amazing looking set for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show. The winner of which will become the new “Jesus Christ Superstar”. In addition to rigging the large flown elements of set, lighting, hothead cameras and sound equipment we have also supplied four ways of twenty metre per minute performance hoists which will be used to fly a variety of different elements during the live shows. We are proud to boast the entire series will be completed without the need for single hours overtime being charged to our client. Zero fuss, hassle free rigging completed on schedule and on budget.

Disaster Movie

After receiving the initial call the day before the long jubilee weekend started, we provided a bespoke designed crash mat rig so that two television presenters could experiment what strength wind would blow them over depending on their posture. The brief was to keep the two untrained presenters safe in wind speeds of a whopping 150kmph. The venue was the Dunton climatic wind tunnel owned and run by motor giant Ford.

The initial client suggestion was to restrain the two using PFPE to prevent them from injury but this wasn't the ideal approach as the experiment required them to actually be blown over. The restraining rig was scrapped early on and we proposed designing, supplying and building a squat crash mat rig that would break their fall at any wind speed.

The bespoke rig was designed and drawn at a preliminary site visit despite the client being absent, due consideration was taken during design so that the twelve-inch crash mats would not lift in the unconventional wind speeds. The rig was backstopped against the rear shutter of the wind tunnel eliminating the need for any ballast what so ever. After careful multiple solo tests in the 150kmph wind by Nipper, the presenters were chaperoned individually and given some basic training within the wind tunnel. The full 150kmph wind speed was achieved quickly by both presenters and they were soon adopting the experimental postures in full wind. Many of these resulted in them being forcefully blown into the crash mat rig, after hundreds of blow overs we recorded a count of zero injuries.

As always the rig was designed hoping to offer the best value for money. The planning considered all details including the cost of transport and labour, the entire rig (bar the third-party supply crash mats that we specified) was transported in one single standard builders van. The rig was assembled on site by Nipper with no additional local crew or riggers.

“Red or Black” series 1 (2011), ITV Studios

Not only did Rigger.co.uk Ltd design and supply all the location stunt elements for the series, including launching David Hasslehoff to a world record reverse bungee jump at Battersea power station, a twin slack-line rig between castle turrets, some moving elements for some super-cross stunt riders to jump through, a world record high dive (into a paddling pool) amongst others, but we also rigged all production elements for the arena portion of the show including an innovative back stage flown storage area where the massive volume of crash mats and props were stored on floating pods several metres above head height, thus doubling the usable floor space backstage. The series was a great success for Rigger.co.uk Ltd with all stunts completed to the designers and producers exact requirements with zero incident, all of which were delivered on time and on budget.

“Britain’s Got Talent”: SYCO TV/Thames

Britain's Got Talent presenters and judges Rigger.co.uk Ltd was is company behind one of the the years most-watched televisions moments for the second year running.

Rigger.co.uk Ltd was in on the behind-scenes-action too suppling rigging equipment and services to ITV2’s “Britain’s Got More Talent”.