Rig Design & Supply Ltd offer bespoke rig design and supply solutions for a range of applications including film and television productions, music and corporate events, to name but a few. Our team offers complete rigging solutions from design and drawing right through to supply and crewing.

Equipment Sales & Hire Ltd offers a comprehensive range of rigging equipment and accessories available for sale and wet or dry hire:

  • 200 ways of 1000kg lift
  • 50 ways of 500kg lift
  • Many hundreds metres of modern lightweight truss (available in black or silver)
  • Truss junctions and custom fabricated base plates for truss towers and ground support structures
  • Custom fabricated counterweight cradles, clew plates, drop pulleys, table diverts, full-bespoke counterweight systems
  • Thousands of 6mm dropper including quick term bullet or wedge sockets
  • Many hundreds of metres of aluminium and steel tube
  • Many hundreds of scaffold fittings
  • Kinesis Vector front-end (dedicated system with no TP software installed)
  • Tractel Wireless Loadcell system (3.2 tonnes per way)
  • A comprehensive range of personal protective equipment

Computer Aided Design Services Ltd offers CAD services in all formats using the most up-to-date versions of both Vectorworks, AutoCAD and SketchUp. We are able to generate full technical drawings of your venue or project from site surveys or even gestural hand drawings. We offer full-colour plotting to A1 in both Manchester and London. If you're in a fix, we can also print and post A1 plans overnight. For no additional fee each project has a dedicated computer with full CAD design and drawing capabilities for reference on-site, thus offering a truly mobile CAD service.

Work at Height Consultation Ltd offers a range of consultation and collaboration services for whatever you work at height needs. The breadth of our knowledge and expertise makes us first choice for recommending innovative, cost effective solutions to work at height requirements whether conventional or not. We are especially experienced in keeping untrained third parties safe where there is a risk of fall from height, we have completed many unconventional projects involving untrained persons with 100% safety record.

Health & Safety

We are proud of our health and safety record, having completed countless jobs incident-free. Ltd offers a range of products and services to help achieve the highest levels of safety. To find out more please click here

Personal Fall Protective Equipment Ltd offers the sales and hire of a range of PFPE equipment.

  • We keep full records of all gear and all PFPE. Sometimes we get one single use out of a harness or piece of PFPE; the slightest sign of wear or damage and Ltd will disposed of it
  • PFPE
  • 60 sets of third-party PFPE (to keep third parties who are not usually working at height safe)
  • 10 Rescue Rigger® rescue kits (available in 60m and 80m kits, our kits are based on Lyon PORK but have some bespoke improvements to the standard kits)
  • Hundreds of metres of edge protection (Petzle)
  • Hundreds of metres of temporary fall protection (Petzle)
  • Personnel fall protection inertia reels

Rescue Riggers® Ltd invests significantly in training our staff. Our staff is fully qualified and industry accredited. exclusively offers RescueRiggers® to ensure the smooth and safe running of any job.

Our Rescue Riggers® check our rescue kits at the start of each day. We have multiple kits enabling us to partially deploy numerous kits throughout the workplace reducing our rescue response time.

RigCheck®’s exclusive RigCheck® service offers peace of mind when making structural and load calculations. We offer a complete range of verification services from site visits to remote structural calculations.

Equipment Inspection & Testing Ltd offers a range of services for the inspection and testing of rigging equipment, including the certification and rating of most apparatus, equipment may be tested at your premises or we can collect it and return it after testing.

24hr Paging Service

Our paging service is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Should our clients requirements change at any time of the day or night one call to our paging service means you get an instant response from our engaged managing director, Stephen ‘Nipper’ Fitch. A unique paging number is available on request.

Risk Assessments

Not only do we offer a complete Risk Assessment and health and safety service bespoke for each project, but we also offer site visits, sign-off and guidance to third parties.

Specialist Rigging Solutions for Film & TV Ltd has extensive experience working on film and television productions. Our bases in London and Manchester mean we’re within easy access to the studios and broadcasting facilities of the major producers. We have equipment stockpiled in both London and Manchester, the equipment is stored with a view to reducing transport costs for our clients. You can find out more about our specialist rigging solutions here.